People can be replaced,

As my thoughts for you are erased,

I used to love you, and now, I don’t care,

But when I look deep into my eyes,

I feel pain, and I see you there,

I see loneliness,

And I see you there,

I see bitterness, and

I see you there,

But you’re not there,

Only your lasting impression,

Failure and the embodiment of my fears.


New Her

I thought of a poem last night,

And after a second, it was gone,

Much like my thoughts of you,

They are gone, gone, gone,

But my feelings, those are still hurt,

You can see it my happy eyes,

Sometimes they tell lies,

As my heart is in the dirt,

But that’s only for a second,

As I think of a future that once was,

And daydream of a new one,

With her.



Much More

Sometimes I feel life means nothing,

But why does my heart always feel something

and never tells me what it means?

If we all are to die,

What is the point of chasing dreams?

We fight for dust

The earth will rust with or without us

Our existence is as plain as a static screen

But with noise, ’cause we scream

Searching for the meaning of our hearts,

Past our skin and beyond our things,

Dying to live in a world

Where we mean much more, than nothing.



Lately I’ve been thinking,

There’s just nothing to think about,

I feel the same,

I am the same,

I’m not alive, it’s just oxygen that fuels my brain,

Self pity that sparks my blame,

Unmotivation that ignites my shame,

And each day takes out the flame,

Because I am a man of movement,

But I’m stuck and I can’t change,

I’m grounded by my decisions and my hesitation are my chains

I’d say I’ll take a leap of faith,

But I only believe in myself,

That’s always been the same.

So maybe I’ll break and fall,

Plead and crawl,

Reaching to not be the same.


What Do You Stand For?

I used to stand for:


And love,

And now I stand for none of the above,

Sold my soul for expectations,

And I say that’s enough.

I’m in too deep,

Way over my head,

God, will someone please give me a hug?

Just give me a hug,

Because I’m going back in,

It’s the way of the world:

Win, Win, Win.

Going to get a degree that’s,

the very opposite of my dreams,

Because I pursue stability and other things

That my dreams can’t readily bring.

So here I am,

Fate in my hands,

Going to please the world

Before I accept who I am,

Leaving my dreams to dust,

And burying myself in the sand.


Because if I live for nothing,

Then this world may give me a chance.


New Year, Same World

Why do I always feel, forgotten?

Why do I always feel like, like I’m at the bottom?

I don’t know the answers,

But I know that I consistently want what I cannot have,

Yet I still succeed,

I complain to the top,

Yet my soul still bleeds,

Because I want more of what I don’t need,

I seek advice that I don’t heed,

I scramble to define my existence by what others see,

But none of my pleasures, just never,

Complete me,

I need me, is it my consciousness, or my possessions?

Its obvious, but if it’s so obvious, why to vanity do I concede?

I fear these notions, they cause me to reminisce,

And I feel pain, and I bleed,

Why can’t I just be vain?

Why can’t I just look at you and be the same?

Why do I have to second guess my thoughts

and erase my name?

Why do I think so deep,

When wages is what I was born to achieve?

This world doesn’t need thoughts,

It doesn’t need pain,

And it doesn’t need, me,

Save for my hands, and my feet,

The real me, but a pair of eyes, suffocating for more to be.


Mind Games

The heart deceives what the soul believes

What side will you choose?