I don’t know if I miss your affection,

But I’ve been feeling dizzy

And can’t feel any connections 

I sit down and think but all I see in my reflections,

Is you.

My day starts and ends with a thought of you,

My dreams revolve around the future, I used to desire with you,

Am I still in love, or does my mind refuse to move?

I’m afraid to admit the truth, but when we first met,

My heart of hearts, already knew.

So call me a fool, but I’m still in love with you.


When Dreams Meet Reality

I’m tired of this world and it’s consequences 

I can’t read minds but you expect me to be comprehensive 

Yet your thoughts are violent and defy common senses 

And my two cents is that I can’t be who you want me to be,

I can’t feel what you want me to see,

You and me are just not meant to be,

We had our time, but you belong to you

And I belong to me.


The cold reached my joints first,

Making each movement and draw of breath,

Stiff like the winter ground,

My veins, they froze too,

The last thing I heard was one heartbeat,

And a crisp, crackling sound,

My steps became few,

As your warmth could not be found,

Your actions pierced like knives,

And in our memories I have drowned,

But doubt is a false King,

I have the last say, I have the crown

So try me for treason,

But I won’t stop now.

Most Valued Friend

Thank you for listening to my sadness and my pain,

For speaking words of truth,

When you had nothing to gain,

Thank you for showing me some light,

When darkness had corrupted my brain,

You were there when I needed you the most,

Without your ears, I would have gone insane,

And now after some time,

You have helped me heal my hurt and shame,

And I would be ashamed, if I couldn’t do the same,

So if you need me, just say my name,

I value anyone who lifts my heart,

Thank you, your efforts aren’t in vain.


Shout out to my good friend Dielle for being there and listening to my pain when I was hurting the most. Thank you 🙂

Fading but not Gone

And the mirror shattered onto the earth,

All the pieces that reflected his heart

We’re scattered lifelessly onto the ground,

With no will, they were left trampled underfoot,

By the faceless people that make up this world,

Many were grinded into dust,

Others tossed to the wind,

And the man was left there, with a mocking shadow

That too joined the faceless crowd,

He was now alone, but not so,

For his memories still assaulted the glass,

That was long broken.

Haunted and desolate, to the darkness he returned,

For the world was better without him,

So his mind had begged,

But to return to the darkness,

To the ground he must go,

Time seemed endless without hope,

And existence without resolve,

Is best left to the dead.

Feeling this truth,

He grabbed a rope,

And tied it to the fan above,

With his aching bones,

He stepped up onto the glass table

For hopefully the last time,

Shivering with tears in his eyes,

He tied the rope around his neck

And kicked the glass table to the side,

His face quickly filled with blood,

As he gurgled and he spewed,

These were his last breaths, he knew,

But like his mind, the fan was too weak,

And he crumbled to the ground,

Shattering the glass table below.

He woke up a bloody mess, surrounded by glass of his death

He had lost both his life and his death, that day

And now the question is, what is left?

So desperate he became,

And he picked up a piece of glass,

“Heck if I…will lose my heart today”

He muttered, as he clawed the carpet floor,

Collecting any speck of dust that once,

Made up the reflection of his heart.