Nursing Homes Make me Sad

Nursing Homes Make me Sad

I hate nursing homes

I once said

Because half of the patients either


Not being dead


Forever stuck in bed

Or forever lost

Cuz they’re on

Too many meds

And on their bodies

Cold sores are bred

And lethally spread

From the home they want to escape

But they are trapped inside their heads

Slowly each day they die

And on the inside they cry

Because they wonder why

Their families left

Without ever saying goodbye

So forever they will lie

Staring at the wall

Waiting to be dead to all

Waiting for their last inhale

And for their lives to finally fail

“I’m not happy,

I don’t want to be here

I’m not supposed to be here”

Said Laureate

Her peace of mind is in debt

And her willingness to live

Is not a sure bet

My own grandma doesn’t have

Working legs

And her eyes beg

For a resurgence of memory

Because dementia is her enemy

And takes away her energy

Then there’s the unnamed, middle aged man in the corner

He had an accident and went blind

He was dropped off by his family

And they never looked back behind

Now at the home

No one pays him any mind

Of him no one really cares

Because if he can’t see

How can he know that he’s really there?

And little old Helen

Is still kickin

At age 87

Dying to go to heaven

But she’s all alone

Cuz no one from her family

Ever visits her at the nursing home

So for friends

Books she reads

And she will never stop

Even if her eyes bleed

Because I know that in the inside

Her souls pleads

To belong

And that this way of life is meaningless

And wrong

All of them wish to be young again

And strong

But in the home they’re treated like livestock

And from reality

They are blocked

They try to get fresh air

But the doors are locked

And by the young CNA’s

They are laughed at and mocked

Once they got to the home

Their hearts dropped

Their once vibrant bubble

Shriveled up and popped

Because once the doors of the nursing home closed

They knew that their lives have stopped


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